dinsdag 10 december 2013

What this blog is about

First, let me introduce myself. My name is André Engels, and I am a software professional living in 's-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. The Netherlands: Cycleland, as this blog's name specifies. The country where all people cycle, and where they do it safely. Or rather, where more people cycle than anywhere else, and where they do so more safely than anywhere else. That's what this blog is about: Show you how in the Netherlands cycling is being made so practical, pleasant and safe, and how one might be able to use these principles elsewhere.

Before I start, a reader beware: I am not an expert on these matters. Most posts will be about the Dutch infrastructure, but I have not made any kind of study on that. I just write from what I come across myself and hear talking to others on the internet - many of them not experts either. Because of this it is likely that I make mistakes, interpreting things wrongly or leaving out important information. If you notice that, be happy to put corrections or additions in the comments. I won't bite.

Also, most people I am in contact with on this subject are either from the Netherlands or from the UK. Because of this, my "non-Netherlands" view is colored towards the English situation. So I might criticize a situation 'outside of the Netherlands' which in your country is as good, or maybe even better than we have. Don't feel insulted, and you're welcome to comment.

If the subject of this blog interests you, be sure to visit Bicycle Dutch of Mark Wagenbuur as well. He has some excellent videos of Dutch cycling with good commentaries. Another interesting blog is A View from the Cyclepath by David Hembrow, an Englishman now living in the Netherlands, who also gives tours of Assen and Groningen to those interested in seeing what has been done here for real.

Have a nice ride!

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